Photo card, flat invitation style, glossy, fancy, simple, red, green, blue:  you probably have some ideas about how you want your Christmas/ Hanukkah/ Kwanza/ New Year’s/ Solstice/ Epiphany/ Holiday card to look.  But will you find one out there that’s just right for you?  And how much time do you want to spend looking?

How about having a custom design by Made in the Shea’d?  It costs only a little more than you were probably already going to spend, and you’ll save all that time you would have spent searching for just what you want.  Plus, how cool would it be to have matching postage to go with your design?

joy to the world postage

All of this can happen with the help of my new shop.  You and I do the designing, they do the printing. Boom, what’s not to love?

Contact me to find out more details.  I’d love to work with you! ♥