This palette was inspired when I happened to look down into my icy drink, in my favorite green glass, with the periwinkle straw.Β  Awesome!Β  I love periwinkle blue, and usually pair it with a lime green or something in the purple family.Β  I love how the dark green here shakes things up a bit, and how the ice offered its own surprising shades of blue to add to the mix.

Use this palette to evoke peace and trust, brought to mind by the colors green and blue.

Whatever you create, have fun, and share photos if ya got ’em!


For branding and web design, try the lighter shades as backgrounds, the darker colors as outlines and buttons, with the mid-tones for fonts and other accents.

In interior design, the lightest blue would make subtle wall color, with accents in the other shades.

In your coloring books, combine these colors in any repeating design, letting the blues and greens play off of each other.

Here are the colors, with Hex and RGB codes for the designers (click the image to enlarge).


Use my color inspiration grids for your web design palette, coloring pages, as graphic or interior design inspiration, on your branding board — in all manner of artsy endeavors.Β  Let your creative sparks fly!


(…and here’s a Pinterest-formatted version for my fellow Pin-obsessed peeps!)