I love the shuttered window’s blue  tones in this photo, but the real surprise was how much I’m attracted to the tones in the wall. Rather than focus on the blues, I wanted to pull out more colors from the rocks and plaster to make an earthy unexpected palette.

Whatever you create, have fun, and share photos if ya got ’em!


For branding and web design, try the lighter shades as backgrounds, the darker colors as outlines and buttons, with the mid-tones for fonts and other accents. 

In interior design, the darker tones would make dramatic wall colors, with accents in the other shades. 

In your coloring books, let the earth tones provide a nice surprise compared with what you usually pair with these blues.

Here are the colors, with Hex and RGB codes for the designers (click the image to enlarge).


Use my color inspiration grids for your web design palette, coloring pages, as graphic or interior design inspiration, on your branding board — in all manner of artsy endeavors.  Let your creative sparks fly!


(…and here’s a Pinterest-formatted version for my fellow Pin-obsessed peeps!)