I’m on a fresh avocado kick lately.  This happens every once in a while.  Then I eat so many that I stop buying them for a bit, until it all eventually starts back up again.

But the color of these…right?  I love that they are green, then not green.  And there’s yellow, and brown, and the gradient fade through all of those shades.  And, of course, because I’m me, they match the plate (I can’t help myself!).

This is a calming palette, with it’s soft greens and browns.  For branding and web design, try the lighter shades as backgrounds, the darker colors as outlines and buttons, with the mid-tones for fonts and other accents.  In interior design, the lighter brown would make a great wall color for those who don’t want to paint with quite as much abandon; the other shades will make nice accents, and  you’ll easily find wall-complementing accents to change things up if you become bored.  In your coloring books, combine these colors for a quiet palette, and brighten it up with yellows and other greens if it makes sense to you.

Whatever you create, have fun, and share photos if ya got ’em!


Use my color inspiration grids for your web design palette, coloring pages, as graphic or interior design inspiration, on your branding board — in all manner of artsy endeavors.  Let your creative sparks fly!