Well ladies and gents, it’s quite a few days into February now.  Yup, it really is.  And my favorite-est design from my new-this-year calendar is the February page.  I mean, the dewdrops and everything, am I right?

2feb2015 watermarked

The thing is, in an uncharacteristic fit of optimism, I printed a whole mess of these babies, as well as the Just Be calendar, and I think it’s time to admit it: the rest of ’em ain’t gonna sell.

Sooooo…:  BIG CLEARANCE SALE on both calendar designs in the etsy shop!  I’ve marked these down to way less than half of their original price: wait, if I do the math…give me a minute…yup, they’re now less than a third of the original price!  And with plenty of 2015 left to go, what’s not to love about that???

You can get All Natural or Just Be for just $5 each, or go for it and get two — one of each, or two of your favorite — for the even-more-marvelous price of only $8!


There aren’t too many left, though, so make your move if you’re gonna make it!  And thanks so much to everyone who bought one of these already: you all are just the best the best ♥.