Color Me Mindful: be present

This is a page I colored recently from Color Me Mindful, my coloring book about Mindfulness.  I had so much fun coloring this, and if you get the book, I hope you’ll enjoy this design, its message, and the whole book just as much as I do!  I also hope you’ll share your images if you’ve colored something from Color Me Mindful — I’d love to see what you create ♥

(Share your images on Facebook, and tag the Color Me Mindful page.  You can also use the hashtag #coloredmindfully)

be present page form color me mindful coloring book


I used watercolors (various brands, none of them expensive) and Tombow Markers to color this page.  I love Tombows because they act like watercolors if you want them to: you can layer them or wet them and do all kinds of fabulicious coloring things with them!  And they have a brush marker on one end, with a finer-point marker on the other, so the possibilities are that much more fun!  Be sure to try them out on different types of paper; I’ve found I get very different effects from them depending on the surface I’m coloring on.  Let me know what you think of them if you give them a try!


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