As promised in my doggy gift guide, I didn’t forget about your kitty friends this holiday! Head on over to Amazon and check out these fun ideas for your puddin’ this season. (Be sure you read the note at the end of this post about my affiliate links, just so we’re on the up and up with the FTC…)

1. Pawprint Ornament Kit

Get started on this one now, so you can hang it from the tree this year!  Or maybe there’s no rush, since you’re bound to want to display this all year long.  The kit contains enough clay to make two ornaments, and comes with alphabet stamps for personalization.



2. Wireless Remote Control Rat

Let’s get the party started with this wacky toy.  If nothing else, the kids will get a kick out of this one!



3. Gentle Deshedding Massager Glove 

If the remote control rat got kitty nice and fired up, everyone will be ready to settle down on the couch for a nice petting/massage session.  Purrrrrr, relax….



4. Tunnel Fun Run Toy

Now that everyone’s relaxed, it’s time for some more raucous kitty games!  Run, hide, chase…all the frisky fun anyone could want.



5. Cat Toy Gift Box Collection

What cat gift guide would be complete without a feather-on-a-stick toy?  This fun box of toys is made from all natural materials and has lots of fun-packed value and variety.



6. Cat Scratcher Lounger

Well, by now it’s really time for a nap!  This scratching post and bed/lounger in one is just the ticket.



7. Organic Cat Grass Planter Kit

End this day full of fun and games by planting the cat grass in this cute planter kit. In about a week, you’ll have something to start the fun all up again!



Happy Holidays to you and your beloved furry friends from Made in the Shea’d!  ♥

Just so ya know: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you buy something after clicking on my link, I might receive a commission for letting you know about it -- not much, but just a little.  Your cost won't be affected at all, and I only recommend stuff I've either tried myself or researched thoroughly.  I help you, you help me, everybody wins!