I love to make art, and I really love to make art with friends!I have an amazing group of Creative Beauties I get together with every once in while (never as often as we’d like, as we’re all Moms in addition to being Creative Beauties). We often center our gatherings, or “Creative Socials,” around a project, and also around one or another of our birthdays, so there is sometimes gift-giving involved.  It’s awesome because we get these amazing handmade giftie things from each other, and there’s nothing better. ♥

But not everyone in the group considers themselves to be artsy enough to gift their creations, and although I disagree with their judgement of their own work, I get it.  If you have friends whose creativity you want to encourage, or if you’re just not up to trading handmades with the other creatives in your life, here are a few gift ideas you can offer to anyone with arsty tendencies — including any Artsy Kiddos you want to encourage and support! (Be sure you read the note at the end of this post about my affiliate links, just so we’re on the up and up with the FTC…)

1. Bristol Smooth Paper

This is my surface of choice (although I do branch out some: see item #2).  It’s great for a lot of different types of art-making, and is relatively inexpensive as art-making surfaces go.  If you think paper doesn’t seem like much of a gift, think again — every starving artist will appreciate some extra paper to “play” on!


2. Pen Sketchers Pad

I love my pen pad for sketching and playing.  It comes in a bunch of different sizes, but I’m partial to the square one myself, probably just because it’s different 🙂



3. Artist Apron 

A little something to help get into artsy mood mode.  Love the drawing on this — one of those “wish-I’d-made-this” items for sure!



4. Steal Like an Artist

I discovered this book through one of my Creative Beauty friends, and I fell instantly in love with everything inside it.    Austin Kleon will make you rethink everything you think you know about creativity, and he’ll make you laugh while doing it.  If you really love the book, you can check out the companion Journal, and even the wall calendar. (Although I highly recommend you buy all of your calendars from Made in the Shea’d 😉



5. Color Me Mindful

To continue along the lines of the shameless self-promotion 😉 why not consider my coloring book as an artsy gift?  Seriously, people love it, and it’s not like any other coloring book — mini-meditations are included (written by my co-author Ann Sullivan of bepresent4life) to help you learn about and practice Mindfulness as you color!  You can check out more details about it here.


6. Fine-Point and Ultra-Fine-Point Marker Set

I own these two sets, and I love having two different point thicknesses in each color.  I’m a little obsessive about making sure each marker is returned to its case in the same spot, so it matches up with the other set.  Sharpies are great for coloring on lots of surfaces, but not so much on thin paper.  Use them to color on glossy cards, thick paper stock, or even on fabric.



7. Dual Tip Brush Pen Sets

These pens are a little more versatile than the Sharpies, and I love, love, love my Tombows!  Each marker has a brush tip on one end and a fine point on the other.  And the best part about these?  You can use them like watercolor markers by laying down some color with the brush tip and then going back in with water to spread the pigment (see item #8 below for what I like to use for this technique).  The effects you can achieve with this are super-fun to play with!  The colors in these two sets will get you started, and then you can do what I do: add to your collection constantly by buying additional colors individually.



8. Water Brushes

These are great for the traveling art-maker, as they carry their own water right in the brush!  Simply fill the barrel at the faucet, then squeeze it gently to release it onto the brush.  You can even clean these right in the dishwasher!



9. Watercolor Travel Set

This beautiful starter set is perfect for the artist on the move (along with your water brushes!).  Designed as a to-go set, it’s also perfect for the space-challenged hobbyist who just wants to see what watercolors are all about.



10. Pencil/Marker/Brush Carrying Case

The pencils aren’t included with this case, but the markers and brush pens above will fit, and it makes a beautiful gift for someone you know who has a large pencil collection and needs a gorgeous way to organize them all.  There are 160 elasticized slots inside, and the case closes with a zipper and has a handle plus a carrying strap.  If that’s not enough, it comes in five different fabulicious artsy colors!



Happy Artsy Holidays to you, and to all of the Creative Beauties in your life

from Made in the Shea’d!  ♥

Just so ya know: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you buy something after clicking on my link, I might receive a commission for letting you know about it -- not much, but just a little.  Your cost won't be affected at all, and I only recommend stuff I've either tried myself or researched thoroughly.  I help you, you help me, everybody wins!